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Makalu 8481m BC New Trekking Trail/Route

Makalu 8481m Base Camp 18 days trekking itinerary

Best time in Autumn season: October & November &  April & May in Spring season

35 minutes flight from Kathmandu airport, you will reach at elevation of 560m Tumlingtar Airport then 4 hrs. drive to Num by Jeep and next day trekking start from Num villlage for Makalu Base Camp through the normal route or new trekking route made by Family Alpine Trek none tourist trail. You can see wonderful Himalayan views include Mt. Kanchunjunga 8586m range, Mt. Everest Khangsung Face of Tibet side,  Everest south & north ridge of climbing route etc.

From Num one of the major route go to upper Arun river valley to Tibet / China border Kimathanka.

For your information, Makalu-Barun National Park was established in 1992 as Nepal's 8 National Park as a joint  endeavour between Nepal's Department of National Parks & Wildlife Conservation  and the  Mountain Institute, which is based in  West Virginia, USA. The 2330-sq-km Park is bordered by the Arun river Koshi in the east and the  Sagarmatha National Park on the west. To the south the park is bordered by the 830-sq-km Makalu-Barun Conservation Area. Most of the Park is true  Wilderness with the forests, alpine meadows and high Himalayan  Peaks.

There are more than 3000 species of flowering plants, including 25 species of Rhododendron and hundreds of varieties of Orchid.


Date        Trekking Program & Destination with detail info daily distance, ascent & descent  High altitude Walking time Hotel/Lodge/Tent
01   Arrival in KTM 1335m   Hotel
02   35min Flight to Tumlingtar 460m & drive to Num, On the way to Tumlingtar flight, you can see Mt. Everest range, Makalu & Mt. Kanchanjunga range. 1621m 4 hrs drive  Num Lodge
03   Trekking, Num to Simma Tourist Camp,  Simma village
Distance: 9 km ( 695m descent to DOVAN839m  & 703m ascent)
1443m 5-6 hrs  Camp
04   Trekking, Simma to Ekuwa/Yakuwa village, Distance: 5 km ( 788m ascent & 122m descent )  2099m 3-4 hrs.  School Camp
05   Trekking,  Ekuwa to Kalapatal ( Animal pasture )  Distance:  6.6 km ( 1051m ascent & 382 descent) 2754m 5-6 hrs. Tent camp
06   Trekking, Kalapatal to Dore (Animal pasture) Distance: 7.7km ( 1171m ascent & 390 desent) 3530m 5 - 6hrs. Tent camp
07   Trekking, Dore to Dap, Distance: 3.3km (503m ascent & 241m descent) 3793m 3-4hrs. Tent camp
08   Trekking to Baule Pass 4300m, Best view of Mt. Everest , Lhotse & Makalu & Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586m all Himalaya ranges. And Camp site Baule Pokhari (Lake) Distance:  3.2km ( 639m ascent & 223m descent)      4245m 3-4 hrs. Tent camp
09   Trekking to Dobato through Jaljala pass 4500m from where is great close view of Mt. Everest , Lhotse & Makalu & Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586m all Himalaya ranges. And Camp at Dobate, Distance: 4km (305m ascent & 630m descent)     3856m. 3 -4 hrs. Tent camp
10   Trekking, Dobate to Yangle Kharka, Distance: 9km ( 828m descent & 600m ascent ) 3621m  5-6 hrs. Tent camp
11   Trekking Yangle Kharka to Langmale ( Yak Kharka) Distance: 7.5km ( 921m ascent & 121m descent ) 4421m.  5hrs. Tent camp
12   Trekking Langmale to Makalu Base Camp, Distance: 8.6km ( 706km ascent & 300m) 4840m 4 -5hrs.. Tent camp

From Makalu Base Camp early morning go to Best view point at 5300m to see the  Mt.Lhotse 8516m & Everest 8848m & other many peaks & then Trekking descent to Yangle Kharka, Distance: 17.7km ( 997m ascent & 2184m descent ) 

 3621m 6 -7 hrs. Tent camp
14   Trekking Yangle Kharka to Dobate, Distance 8.9km ( 711m ascent & 510m descenrt)  3856m. 5-6hrs. Tent camp
15   Trekking Dobate to Khongma, Distance 7km ( 705m ascent & 922m descent)  3620m 5-6hrs. Tent camp
16   Trekking  Khongma to Seduwa, Distance: 13.7km ( 251m ascent & 2242m descent ) 1621m 6-7hrs. Tent camp
17   Trekking Seduwa to Num, Distance: 5.9km ( 985m descent & 894m ascent ) 1534m 4-5hrs.  Lodge
18    3 hrs Drive to Tumlingtar & same day fly back to KTM 1335m. 35min. Hotel




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