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Makalu BC Trek itinerary through new route

Mt.Makalu 8481m BC Trekking itinerary through none tourist trail.

Best time in Autum season: October & November & April & May in Spring Season

Day Date Trekking  Destination with distance , ascent & descent detail program   High altitude Walking time Hotel/Lodge/Tent
01   Arrival in KTM 1335m   Hotel
02   35min Flight to Tumlingtar 460m & drive to Num, On the way to Tumlingtar flight, you can see Mt. Everest range, Makalu & Mt. Kanchanjunga range. 1621m 4 hrs drive Num Lodge
03   Trekking to Simma village Tourist Camp 1400m 5-6 hrs Camp
04   Trekking, Simma to Ekuwa/Yakuwa village,
Distance: 5 km ( 788m ascent & 122m descent ) 
2099m 3-4 hrs. School Camp
05   Trekking,  Ekuwa to Kalapatal ( Animal pasture ) Distance:  6.6 km ( 1051m ascent & 382 descent) 2754m 5-6 hrs. Tent camp
06   Trekking, Kalapatal to Dore (Animal pasture) Distance: 7.7km ( 1171m ascent & 390 desent) 3530m 5 - 6hrs. Tent camp
07   Trekking, Dore to Dap, distance: 3.3km (503m ascent & 241m descent) 3793m 3-4hrs. Tent camp
08   Trekking to Baule Pass 4300m, Best view of Mt. Everest , Lhotse & Makalu & Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586m all Himalaya ranges. And Camp site Baule Pokhari (Lake) Distance:  3.2km ( 639m ascent & 223m descent)      4245m 3-4 hrs. Tent camp
09   Trekking to Dobato through Jaljala pass 4500m from where is great close view of Mt. Everest , Lhotse & Makalu & Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586m all Himalaya ranges. And Camp at Dobate,
 Distance: 4km (305m ascent & 630m descent)    
3856m. 3 -4 hrs. Tent camp
10   Trekking, Dobate to Yangle Kharka,
Distance: 9km ( 828m descent & 600m ascent )
3621m 5-6 hrs. Tent camp
11   Trekking Yangle Kharka to Langmale ( Yak Kharka)
Distance: 7.5km ( 921m ascent & 121m descent )
4421m 4421m Tent camp
12   Trekking Langmale to Makalu Base Camp,
Distance: 8.6km ( 706km ascent & 300m)
840m 4 -5hrs.. Tent camp
13   From Makalu Base Camp early morning go to Best view point at 5300m to see the  Mt.Lhotse 8516m & Everest 8848m & other many peaks & then Trekking descent to Yangle Kharka, Distance: 17.7km ( 997m ascent & 2184m descent )  3621m 6 -7 hrs. Tent camp
14   Trekking Yangle Kharka to Dobate,
Distance 8.9km ( 711m ascent & 510m descenrt) 
3856m. 5-6hrs. Tent camp
15   Trekking Dap to Khongma, Distance 7km ( 705m ascent & 922m descent)  3620m 5-6hrs. Tent camp
16   Trekking  Khongma to Seduwa,
Distance: 13.7km ( 251m ascent & 2242m descent )
1621m 6-7hrs. Tent camp
17   Trekking Seduwa to Num,
Distance: 5.9km ( 985m descent & 894m ascent )
1534m 4-5hrs. Num Lodge
18   3 hrs Drive to Tumlingtar & same day fly back to KTM 1335m   Hotel



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