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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission & vision is to facilitating your safety Tour, Trekking & Climbing Peaks with enjoyable and great exploration travel plans. We  organize travelling to all part of Nepal World heritage site & mountain regions in different environment. We really would like to provide best facilities & comfortable tour, trekking & peaks climbing adventures.

Our hope is that you ,our special guests ,will depart as our friend for life and return to travel with us and continue to explore our land of superlatives. 14 peaks of the 8 world’s tallest mountains, the deepest gorges ,the most beautiful remote glacial lakes, the wildest rivers, the most diverse animal and plant life imaginable and the most fascinating blend of traditions and religions, as well as the kindest, friendliest ,most welcoming people combine to make Nepal a destination whose rich memories will continue to unfold for you for years. Whether this is a once in a lifetime Himalayan adventure for you ,or you are a seasoned trekker. Please contact us for details about various tours , trekking & Peaks climb planning. 

We have mission to get different goals successfully according to our objectives like to save the eco nature for the future generation which has been affecting by global warming in the earth. Besides the community development through trekking tourism and social works in this remote area of Makalu- Barun valley, so that no one could become victims of educational and health opportunity in the village area. Finally, Makalu-Barun valley could become ideal destination for the trekking and mountaineering promoting through village tourism for insfractures development of the area.
And we would like to operate on the principle of fair-trading in Tourism business and the some amount of benefits help for  "Social service" works to Mountain helpless people for rural development of educational progress in various ways. 
Please see for detail information in NPO  Volunteer site  our current NPO Volunteer Social Service” activities.